Sunday, July 11, 2010

Language Lesson

A few days ago I overheard a conversation between my niece and my kids. It was a language lesson of sorts. Or maybe it was an anatomy lesson? Either way it was not the sort of lesson you want your kids to learn from your 6 year old niece. In fact, I was shocked to know that my niece even knew these words.

The conversation went something like this:
T: "What do you call your private parts?"
Niece: A girls? It is called a "insert slang for female body part"
T: Well what do you call a penis?
Niece: Oh we call that a "&*#^"

Yikes!!! You know this is not something you deal with on a regular basis when your kids are homeschooled. I am sure there are lots of HS kids out there that know these terms, but when you aren't spending 7 hours a day learning information from your friends this kind of language doesn't spread around so fast.

I guess it's time to have a long talk with T & M on respecting ourselves and our bodies.

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