Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday December 18, 2011

Outside my window... My husband taking his morning jog

I am thinking... about the documentary "Waiting for Superman" I watched last night.  I've never understood why some school systems/personnel are so threatened by home schoolers.  I would think that we are one less drain on an already overwhelmed system.  

I am thankful for... all the baby items people have given me

From the learning rooms... We are finishing up Week 14 in Rome to the Reformation.  We are learning about the Muslim faith.  I am reviewing math facts with the kids and trying to push forward on Language Arts for the next few weeks.

From the kitchen... we have been "scrounging" quite a bit on freezer food and ravioli.  I haven't really cooked much this whole pregnancy.  Jeff is planning on doing some bulk cooking this weekend so we have some freezer meals after the baby is born.

I am wearing... pajamas, of course

I am creating... a packing list for birth

I am going... to church and then possibly shopping with T sometime today or tomorrow

I am reading... nothing, I think I have lost all desire at this point

I am hoping... that the baby does not come before Christmas

I am hearing... the kids playing and fighting in the other room

Around the house...  I tried to clean up yesterday but it doesn't feel like I made any progress.  I can feel some nesting starting so, who knows, I might just start a big project.

One of my favorite things..the pregnancy massage I just received... heavenly

A few plans for the rest of the week... I have banned the kids from electronics this week.  They didn't really get in trouble, but have just had an overall bad attitude so we are taking a break until Christmas Even.  It should be an interesting week.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday December 5, 2011

Outside my window... Sunny, blue skies

I am thinking... about my busy week

I am thankful for... a husband who is helpful and involved with his family

From the learning rooms... We have a very busy week with outside activities so we are just going to focus on our 3 Rs and save our History lessons for next week.

From the kitchen... we have been eating out quite a bit so will just try to do some basic meals at home this week.  What?  I have no idea.

I am wearing... pajamas, of course

I am creating... a "to do" list for the next week

I am going... to my midwife appointment today while DH takes my Mom to the airport

I am reading... nothing, although I did just finish Nancy Thayer's newest book

I am hoping... that my iron levels increase by next week

I am hearing... the kids playing Legos in my room

Around the house...  It's kind of a mess around here and I am not sure why.  My Mom has been on her cleaning jag and we were gone all day yesterday so I guess the cat made the messes.

One of my favorite things..Christmas shopping online

A few plans for the rest of the week..MIdwife, PE, Scholastic warehouse sale, playdate, Disney meetup with our homeschool group.

Here is picture I am sharing...
The kids with their cousin Ashlie

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday November 28, 2011

Outside my window... overcast and the rain just temporarily stopped

I am thinking... about taking a nap

I am thankful for... healthy children and a hopefully healthy baby

From the learning rooms... We are just trying to do as much as possible before the baby gets here.  I am behind in Science so we are trying to catch up today.  We also are starting the Byzantine Empire today and really need to plan our Roman Feast.

From the kitchen... hamburgers on the grill and fresh green beans from the garden

I am wearing... one of my new maternity shirts with maternity yoga pants and tennis shoes

I am creating... nothing at the moment.  I am in a lull and will just wait for the nesting to begin before I start another project

I am going... we were going to take T to a horseback riding lessons, but I am not sure if they weather will cooperate

I am reading... nothing... I have been streaming TV in my free time

I am hoping... that I stop gaining so much weight with this baby

I am hearing... the kids finish up school with Dad

Around the house...  Floors are clean since my Mom has been here and she obsessively does the laundry so so things are looking pretty good.

One of my favorite things... watching my husband do Science with the kids

A few plans for the rest of the week..Dentist, Playdates, Park

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday November 21, 2011

Outside my window... Sunny and blue skies

I am thinking... about how annoying it is to listen to 3 kids arguing in the morning

I am thankful for... having my car back from the shop.  It was a long 5 days without it

From the learning rooms... We are finishing up our study on Rome.  We will be planning a roman feast to celebrate.  In other areas I have decided to focus on our main curriculum of History and Science when we are super busy and relax a little on the English and Math.  This may be counter-intuitive but I know those subjects will be easier for me to focus on when the baby is here and will allow us to take a break from the main curriculum.

From the kitchen... Manny's steakhouse tonight and have no idea what we are doing the rest of the week

I am wearing... pajamas

I am creating... a to do list for myself and a master list of things to get done over the next 7 weeks until the baby comes

I am going... no plans today. I am just trying to get the kids to do a little schoolwork while their cousin is visiting.

I am reading... still nothing, but thinking maybe I should get out some of those baby books I hid during my first trimester and then promptly forgot about.

I am hoping... that my Mom doesn't drive me nuts before the baby is born

I am hearing... the kids playing Hide & Seek

Around the house...  Piles of miscellaneous baby clothes and items, suitcases from our visitors, and kid made messes

One of my favorite things... streaming Netflix on my IPad

A few plans for the rest of the week... Midwife appointment, beach, Thanksgiving, shopping

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday November 2, 2011

Outside my window... Very cool out this morning, but it feels great

I am thinking... about the upcoming month and how to get all my activities coordinated

I am thankful for... this delicious coffee this morning, even if it is decaff

From the learning rooms... We have finally had a break from all the excess reading.  It has been really nice to not feel so overwhelmed.  We are still busy trying to keep caught up and get as much as possible done before the holidays and the baby.

From the kitchen... Beef roast tonight with carrots and potatoes

I am wearing... sweat pants and a pajama shirt

I am creating... not a lot.. mostly a mess

I am going... to do nothing but stay home today.  I love Wednesdays.  Tomorrow I need to drop my car off at the shop, take Jeff to work, go to Co-Op, pick Jeff up, etc.

I am reading... nothing.  I have been streaming alot of TV and not into reading

I am hoping... that this cold goes away quickly, because it is making me miserable

I am hearing... Maggie playing Wii Fit on the porch

Around the house...  The kids rooms are really messy and I really need to finish cleaning up the guest room before my parents get here next week.

One of my favorite things... Roads of Rome time management game

A few plans for the rest of the week..Co-Op, Park Day, Play dates and cleaning some messy kids rooms