Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)

1. I just started blogging. Well I actually created this blog a year ago, but this is my first attempt to become serious about it.

This is my first ever foray into whatever this post is called: group posting/weekly wrap-ups/or whatever you call this Quick Takes type of post.

I enjoy the stay at home part of being a Stay-at-Home Mom. My kids have worn me out this week with camp, swimming, shopping and running around. That is way too much activity for us.

I am so excited that I rearranged our office/schoolroom. I will try to post pictures soon.

I love my Palm Pre. The non-conformist in me refused to buy the IPhone/Mom Phone. We are a longstanding Palm using family and it was a natural choice. I don't know any other Moms who use the Pre, but I love mine. I still wish I had my old Palm programs, like Date Book, but I am trying to get over it.

I am a gamer Mom. I mostly love time management type games and spend most of my monthly "blow money" buying them. I am currently trying to finish out my gold on Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette.

We temporarily suspended our satellite TV recently. Well I tried to cancel it, but I got tired of arguing with the person on the phone and agreed to a 3 month suspension of services. We will be traveling for part of the summer and I am tired of using TV as a crutch to entertain my kids. I am currently listening to them nicely play together. So, as much as I love TV myself, sometimes you just have to take a drastic step to jolt yourself out of complacency.

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