Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 4)

I am in pain. Something happened to my hip on "errand day." I think it was too much walking in unsupportive shoes, but now I am in pain. Actually I was feeling slightly better yesterday, but a very restless night left me in severe of pain.

I hate my computer. Actually this is not a new feeling. I have hated my computer for over a year, but just when I think things are going smoothly WHAM. DH was nice enough to update my computer, but in the process things mysteriously disappeared. I backed my computer up about 3 different ways before the update, so this is a mystery. I also have the habit of forgetting about my mail issues when I do a backup.

I have at least 5 email addresses. If you don't have multiple email addresses then you probably think I'm nuts. If you do have them, then you might understand. What started out as an organizational issue has spiraled out of control. It is a problem. It is why I use an email program rather than using web based email. It is why I spent all day Sunday cursing at my computer. I have resolved to get rid of a couple, but I can't figure out which ones would cause the least confusion.

My daughter can't count. Our current weekly homeschool issues involve a girl who can add, but can't seem to keep her numbers straight. If I could just figure out what is blocking the comprehension in her mind, maybe I could be more helpful.

My son is on a mission... to earn some Star Wars figurines currently sitting in our closet. We have tried so many different chore/reward systems over the past 8 years that I can't even remember them all. Most of them have failed because DS is not motivated by money. This is great, in a way, but we are still trying to teach him the value of a dollar. So we invented a token/money system. Last month he finally earned enough money to buy a Wii game (it took him several months) and he is currently trying to earn $7 for the figurines. He looses interest pretty quickly (in the earning, not the reward).

DH has joined my weight loss plan. Actually he has been on the plan for about a month now and is doing very well. He had actually lost around 15 lbs before starting this plan so he has already went down a pants size.

I am not a "car schooler"
. Frankly, I don't know how these other families do it. Actually I understand that many people function well "on the go." We just don't happen to be one of these families. Well, DD would love it. However balancing her "on the go" needs with DS and my "stay at home" needs is always a constant battle. Right now we have a park/errand day on Wed and then all day Enrichment Classes on Thursday. That is too much for T and me. But for the time being I cannot change either of those days. We will suffer thru for 6 weeks and then readjust our schedule.


Snoopy said...

Oh D., are you going to see a dr about your hip? Maybe you pinched a nerve? Have you tried the WellPatch arthritis pads? I used them when my lower back hurts really bad and they really help.

1) I had to go buy donuts because I was constipated. Yes, I should drink more but donuts work faster and they're yummy. LOL.

2) I hate my desktop because it's very slow and usually it doesn't recognize my modem in the mornings so I have to restart it several times. But I don't want Greg touching it (unless it crashes) so I suffer mostly in silence. I have a laptop and my iTouch but I keep my important stuff on the desktop. Despite its problems, it's more reliable than any laptop I've ever owned (they all crap out after 2 years).

3) I have 4 or 5 email addresses but they're all routed to Yahoo and I never pay attention to which address the email was sent. I usually give out my yahoo address, it's rare that I use the other ones.

4) Noah took forever to learn to count properly and to differentiate between 12 and 20 and we spent most of kindergarten reinforcing those skills. But I have to say that by 1st grade he had them down pat. Let her play lots of math/counting games on the computer. Do you have Reader Rabbit Kindergarten or 1st grade? Those are great.

5) Noah used to do chores only when he wanted to buy something. Now he has to feed the cats twice a day and clean the litterbox every night. He only gets paid for the litterbox. I have told him that he cannot buy any more LEGOS because he could open his own freaking store with all the LEGOS he has. It's at the point that if I see one on the floor, I don't even bother picking it up, it gets vaccuumed with the cat hair.

6) Huh... I've been bad on my diet this week and the donuts this morning didn't help. I'm baking cupcakes for Aimee's birthday too.

7) Noah did great doing school in the car. He did his daily reading and also did his math if we had to drive anywhere like Park Day. But anything else would wait until we were home. Being out so much every week must be tough on you, especially since it's 2 days in a row. Maybe you can move the little girls play day to Tuesdays?

Snoopy said...

Hey me again. Just realized your profile reads "homeschooing" mom. If you meant to say you like to shoo your kids away a lot, you have an extra c. Or you're missing an l.