Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week My Schedule Fell Apart

Week 3 started out unusual for us. Monday, as I previously posted, was the day DH took the kids out for part of the day. That left us playing catch-up in the afternoon, but we got our list accomplished.

Tuesday we had a low-key day at home. This was also our first day of Science for the year. We are using a new science curriculum Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry. I do not enjoy science and I thought this was a very simple yet attractive curriculum that might help ME. T loves science so I'm not sure it matters what curriculum he uses. So far the beautiful colorful books haven't helped :)

Wednesday we left early to meet M's friends at the park. We started doing this last year after I realized most of our outings were boy centered. We created a "Little Girl's Playgroup" within our local HS group and started meeting weekly at a local park. M loves it as she is the most social member of our family. I enjoy meeting with the other Moms, but truth be told, I'd rather stay home. I see it as an interruption of our schedule. However I feel it is important for her to have the social time. No, I didn't say socialization! ;) Also, it is an opportunity for both of the kids to get a little PE time. The little girls like T to chase them and anything that gets him to voluntarily run is a hit for us.

Another new opportunity for us this year is local homeschool enrichment classes. I have a friend who helps facilitate the classes and she has been trying to get me to join for a year. I was reluctant for several reasons: driving distance, cost, and the time it will take out of my weekly schedule. She finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse and now our Thursdays will be spent with other kids learning karate, self-esteem, magic, and print making.

After a busy week, our Friday was catch-up day. Since we did not intent to be gone on Thursdays I had scheduled a full day of lessons. We did get a few things done on Thursday, but we did double up on a few lessons on Friday. We started our year slowly, so this was not a huge burden on the kids. T had lost his computer privilege for the day anyway, so this kept him busy for a little while.

Overall we had a pretty successful week. I now need to readjust my own schedule to include our "extra" activities and hopefully settle into a new routine for the first half of our year.

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