Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a Good Day when you figure your kids out

I had a good Homeschooling Mom moment today. I have been reviewing multi-digit subtraction with T and for the past 2 weeks he has consistently been getting those wrong. He wasn't having a problem with his Horizons, but when we finished his book we started reviewing using another curriculum. I could not figure out why he was suddenly giving me such crazy answers.

Today while correcting his math worksheet I had an epiphany.... the kid was "borrowing" when no borrowing was necessary. And, I figured out why. In an effort to streamline his math problems he starts by going down the whole page and doing the "borrowing" part of the problem before he even starts the problem.

So he then gets a problem like "15-12" which does not require you to borrow from the 10s column and immediately everything is messed up. Yeah I am so happy I figured this out. I was concerned that he wasn't understanding the whole concept and now I know it is just an attention/detail issue and that is not a new problem.

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