Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 2/26/11

Monday: We were invited to a birthday party today, so we did a few quick school lessons this morning and then headed off to the park. We ended up staying later than anticipated but the kids were having a great time and it is always nice to have some PE time. I also signed up for the "Heart of the Matter" conference this week. It is a 3 day online Christian Homeschooling conference. I was excited about a couple of the speakers, including one talk on "Reluctant Writers" I didn't get a chance to listen to any of the speakers today, but I will catch the MP3s later.

Tuesday: This was just a normal Tuesday for us: schoolwork, chores, etc. I did school with the kids in between listening to the online HS conference. This week I have been writing the daily chores on the white board and telling the kids to go do them. This has been working out pretty well. They are pretty good about doing their chores, but only under direction. I want them to be a little more independent which is why I recently ordered these:

Wednesday: I had a rough morning and decided to declare an "unschooling" day. Well actually I gave the kids a choice "unschool and no Wii/TV" or "do schoolwork and Wii later." Frankly, I was very surprised they choose the unschooling without hesitation. That was a good sign since some days they both seem too involved in the electronics. I was also trying to finish up my last day of the online HS conference and wanted to focus on that for the day. So the kids spent their time making puppets, putting on a puppet show for me, watching a library video, and reading. Not a bad day. I would post the video from the puppet show but I can't figure out how to get it off my phone.

Thursday: It is a good day when the kids don't even make a comment when I say "let's start school." I have a complainer and it is starting to rub off on his sister. But today was a good day. I actually just had them double up and we completed most of the assignments from yesterday and today. T is obsessed with Harry Potter right now so he also spent alot of his day rereading the first book.

Friday: Today we ventured out to Disney for a DisneySchooling Day coordinated by a local homeschooling group. We had a fun time, but we did not know anyone else in the group. We met up with them for one group ride and the group photo. Otherwise the kids and I rode a few rides by ourselves and went home early. We only spent about 4 hours in the park, but I over-packed my backpack and I was in a lot of pain by the time we decided to go home. I talked to another family that stayed until 10pm. One time, on our first visit, we actually spent the whole day at Disney. Since then I can barely make it 4 hours. But luckily for us, the kids are actually ready to go home by then also. That is the nice part about having passes this year.

Saturday: Mommy is taking the day off from activities and catching up on some of the administrative duties around the house. Currently I am working on my budget and listening to a MP3 by Andrew Pudewa. It is very interesting take on "thinking" and "education." I am one of those people who really like conventions and speakers. The right one always invigorates my homeschooling journey.

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Snoopy said...

Yay, a post from you! I miss homeschooling and reading about your unschooling adventures and field trips doesn't help. Noah hasn't started on Harry Potter yet. He claims that he's not interested but we might be getting free tickets to Universal and I think that after visiting the HP area, he might get hooked. He doesn't really like the movies.
I like the idea of an online conference!
I was surprised to hear that T. was the whiner, lol.