Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV shows

In some particular order..

1. LOST - yes I am one of "those" people.. one of those crazy people who doesn't understand why everyone would not love this show. It was full of excitement and bewilderment. That is why I loved it. I spent many nights wondering "what the heck just happened" and I loved every minute of it.

2. Friends - I still quote this show on occasion and just had a good laugh when someone posted this clip to a bulletin board I frequent

3. Seinfeld - "Serenity Now!"

4. M.A.S.H. - one of the best, but I will admit I would take BJ over Trapper and I know I am in the minority on that

5. Happy Days - no one is cooler than The Fonz

6. Guiding Light - I started watching this with my Grandma when I was a young child. She was a fan since the radio days. Sadly CBS cancelled this show last year, but it will always remind me of Grandma.

7. Roseanne - the show that made the rest of us feel "normal"

8. ER - the early years. I loved Anthony Edwards and when he died, I left the show. Well, honestly the arrival of John Stamos really killed the show for me because I just cannot stand to watch him act.

9. Arrested Development - this is a new one for me. I watched it entirely on Netflix, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to do so.

10. Weeds - We don't have premium channels so I am always late in the game when it comes to the series on HBO and Showtime, but this is one of my favorites. I am always a season behind, waiting for the DVDs, but this one hooked me pretty quickly. Nancy is so the antithesis of me that it is always shocking to watch her in action.

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Snoopy said...

I just started watching Arrested Development last week and I used to love ER. I watched a little longer after Anthony Edwards died but not very long.