Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our week started out hectic and on the wrong foot. I spent Monday afternoon shopping for clothes and having lunch with a friend. Daddy was home with the kids. They did a little school work, but Daddy needed a break, and he deserved one. So I finished up school work when I got home. Tuesday the kids were playing a make believe game when I got up. They didn't want to stop playing when it was time to do schoolwork and, hence, we had a day full of power struggles and punishments. It was NOT a good day. DH and I spent some time talking that night trying to come up with some ways for our days to run smoother.

I actually knew what needed to happen, but I resisted it. I know that when I get on the computer in the mornings, our days do not go well. But I selfishly want to be able to do my own thing while the kids are doing their schoolwork. This does not really ever work in my house, but I still insist on trying to make it happen. So, Wednesday morning I kept the computer off and I kept the kids focused from the moment we got up. We had a great day.. We got our schoolwork done early and even had time for an extended break before lunch. Let's hope I can stay focused on this issue after I return from vacation.

T: T is still having Math issues. I am not sure why he hates it so much. I would think a person would hate something they are bad at, but he really does a great job in the subject. I am really at a loss. I don't want to spend the next 10 years listening to him complain about math. On the other hand, I cannot just let him not do it. I believe he needs to do math daily. Maybe I just need to find the right program for him. This is our 3rd math curriculum though.

M: M is doing really well this week. She is my workbook girl, you know that child who actually loves to do workbooks. I was actually like this as a child, and I really don't know why people don't enjoy workbooks. :) Teacher he about money is frustrating me, but she has difficulty with skip counting so that is part of the problem. I am putting together a couple file folder games to help her.

Mommy: I went out last week and bought myself a new Covey Planner at Target. It is working out pretty well so far. My biggest issues is all the things I think about as I am falling asleep. There is no way I am getting up to write stuff down at that point. I usually don't remember once morning hits.

Once I gave up my morning computer our week went smoothly. Yesterday DH and I went to see Dave Ramsey Live! We have seen him before, but we thought we could use a refresher. DH and I have been stuck on BS3 for awhile, so we needed some inspiration. I think we got it. We really need to finish up our Emergency Fund so we can move on to our investing. It was good because DH has been feeling badly about not investing and this was a good reminder about why we temporarily stopped that. Our temporary has just lasted longer than we anticipated.

I am looking ahead to a VERY busy week as my parents arrive and we prepare for our cruise next week. Happy sailing!

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