Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/1/11

This was a slow week for us. I usually continue with school throughout most of everyone's Holiday break. We don't travel and there are no kids home during the day for us to play with, so I decided we might as well accomplish something.

Monday: Jeff was still home on day 3 of his 3 day weekend. We continued our Christmas celebration with a nice relaxing morning. Then we finished up a few school assignments and caught up on Maggie's reading. She is doing amazing, but it is still difficult for her to finish a lesson in one sitting. The curriculum we use instructs us to do one lesson a day and each lesson is now including a 2 lesson quick review. That is way too much for us. I think now that we have the basics down we will do a lesson every other day. We are still trying to do the grammar lessons also, so will will do the reading and grammar on alternating days.

Later that evening Daddy did a nice science lesson with the kids. I am not totally sure what they are studying, but it involves Chemistry and that is where I tend to zone out.

Tuesday: T slept in this morning which Jeff and I always know is a bad sign. That kid is an early riser and always has been. Very rarely will he sleep until 8am, but if he sleeps past 9 then he is surely not feeling well. So when he finally woke up he did not look well and told me his head hurt. I put him in my bed with my new ROKU and he spent the whole day there. He didn't eat much all day and I finally decided I would not even attempt to make him complete any assignments. I did have Maggie complete her schoolwork, but I totally gave up on completing any history for the week.

Wednesday: No one felt much like doing anything today. The kids both felt good physically, but we were all feeling lazy. I let the kids alternate between playing their new DS game (Super Scribblenauts) and doing school work with me. It actually worked out pretty well. The day did drag on a little long, but at one point T decided he wanted to play on the computer and then it was "let's finish all my work right now." The computer is my only leverage right now, but I would like to decrease the usage this year. I just need a plan.

Thursday: We had a great day with friends at the zoo today. My friend N posted a very nice blog about our trip, but since she is one of the few people who read my blog I won't go into much detail here. It was a lovely day and we were both glad to be out of the house together. Although we did realize at one point that we both wanted to cancel, but we both knew we would have fun once we left the house. N is also nice enough to always drive and we get to spend the long trip talking and catching up.

We had been secretly planning a sleepover for T and N's son, but almost as soon as we talked about it T began coughing and acting tired and even asking to go home. I thought he was completely recovered from Tuesdays illness, but I guess the zoo was too much for him.

Friday: After a few hours of relaxing in the morning the kids finally asked "Do we have school today?" I made them happy by announcing "NO SCHOOL" I had planned a day off for New Year's Eve. We had originally talked about having a kid's party and inviting some friends over. The closer it go to the holidays the less motivated I felt to plan a party. Plus Jeff always works on NYE and I knew I would be home and lonely. It was for the best anyway, since Tyler is still recovering from this cold.

Saturday: We are getting ready to head to the beach for a mini vacation. My Mom has rented a mobile home close to the beach this year and we are going to spend a few days there while she is still back in Ohio. We were hoping it would be warmer, but at least we can play in the sand.

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