Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Christmas Post

We had an amazing Christmas this year. The kids got lots and lots and lots of stuff. So much that next year I am thinking of doing the thing where you just get them 3 things: 1 thing they need, 1 thing they want and 1 thing to wear. I do set a budget every year, but I think I get as excited as the kids and tend to spend over my budget. Add to that all the gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles and things get a little out of control.

My Mom claims she is going to stop buying so much for Christmas and just get each kid a nice gift on their birthday. I think that is a great idea, but will be shocked if it ever happens. After all she did tell me that before she went to Target and came home loaded with shopping bags.

But the kids got lots of nice stuff. Tyler's favorite was probably his Super Scribblenauts games. He has been playing with it almost non stop since Christmas. And, a bonus for mom, this version incorporates the use of adjectives so I'm calling it a LA lesson. Maggie got this:

thanks to a great deal and a nice friend who offered up her discount to help make it happen.

This year I worked really hard to write down a list of things for Jeff as he mentioned them so I would have a bunch of ideas for Christmas. It worked pretty well. I did end doing the "Do you want me to buy you that for Christmas" as he was eyeing stuff at the store. But that worked out well. I also got him an Alton Brown book that he wanted, a subscription to an organic gardening magazine and a membership to Seed Savers. Then the kids and I picked out this:

and gave it to him along with a gift certificate from Home Depot.

I, as always, got some great gifts. I will say my husband is an AWESOME gift giver at Christmas. He really pays attention and writes down stuff I want all year. But he still manages to surprise me with something great. In the past I have gotten some amazing gifts including a leather jacket and a Palm T/X (back in the day).

This year he surprised me with this:

I also got a cookbook I have been wanting, a replacement for the perfume I lost and I much needed new robe that I love!

We are so blessed to have enjoyed such a great Christmas and to be able to be together as a family. At (almost) 40 years old I have lived long enough to appreciate what I have. I hope I can instill that lesson into my kids sooner than later.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome! Looks like you had such a warm and enjoyable Christmas! Super cool! Any good recipes in the cook book?

Happy New Year!!