Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/12/2011

Busy, busy week

Sunday:  I met my friend N for lunch and shopping.  This was a fun and much needed day out.

Monday:  The kids and I ran some errands in the morning while J had a dentist appointment.  Then we headed to the Brevard Zoo where I, once again, forgot to bring my camera.  We had a very nice time.  We were happy that Daddy finally got a chance to go before our membership expired.  J and I had wanted to go kayaking, but my back was bothering me so J took T and they had a great time.  M and I hit the snack bar while we waited.  They got to see all of the giraffes and some wild otters while kayaking.  It was a great family day.

Tuesday:  Today we had our new Homeschool Co-Op at my house.  We had 3 girls attend, plus my two kids.  We started with a cooking lesson and made individual pizzas from refrigerated biscuit dough.  I'm not sure how good they were, but all the kids ate them.  T did not want to participate but I did make him do the cooking lesson.  I had scheduled this lesson for the first hour and it took way less time than I anticipated.  So I let the girls play for a little while before we began the second half.

Our next activity was Language Arts enrichment.  I had planned to play several sight word bingo games and Bananagrams.  This was more difficult than I anticipated because the girls really just wanted to play.  M always likes games so I thought she would be happy to have someone play with her, but that was not the case.

Wednesday:  Yeah a day at home and we didn't even have to go to Girl Scouts!  It was nice to have a relaxed but productive school day.  We are finally back to talking about the Greeks in our Ancient History so Tyler is thrilled.  I have been doing alot of personal reading which has been relaxing.  

Thursday:  Another productive day of school.  I found Tyler's missing Reading Comprehension book yesterday.  It had fallen behind our bookshelf and has been missing for over a month.  Tyler actually likes that particular workbook so he was happy to have a new story to read.  We are also finishing up 2 Harry Potter books and he got another movie from Netflix to watch today so we had plenty to keep us busy.  

Friday:  Today was a lovely sunny, yet cool Florida day.  We were able to complete almost all of our school work before we left for the park today.  It was an odd day at the park.  We had 2 new Moms come, the rest of us were in a low key "blah" type of mood and Tyler didn't have any boys to play with.  When no boys come then the girls like to tease and chase him and he gets annoyed and usually ends up in trouble for lashing out at one of them.  Hopefully next week he will have someone to play with.

Saturday:  As usual I almost forgot about dance so we were rushing around washing M's hair at the last minute.  It never fails.... After dance M had to go work at a Girl Scout cookie booth so I took both kids to lunch in between.  We got to the cookie booth only to discover we went to the wrong grocery store and so had to drive back another 10 miles in the opposite direction trying to figure out where to go.  T and I just ran a few errands while M sold cookies and now we are back home.  I will be catching up on some teacher stuff while the kids are enjoying free time.  I did make them clean their rooms first, though. 

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