Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/5/11

Monday:  J and I had eye doctor appointments so I had scheduled today as a catch-up day for schooling.  That ended up being a good decision because, as usual, I forgot about the numbing eye drops.  I am not sure why I blank out on this each year, but I seriously couldn't see for the majority of the day and I was worthless trying to read to the kids.  We had picked up the first Harry Potter movie and T was in agony all day waiting for our eyes to clear up so we could watch it.  This was his reward for reading the first book.  He likes to read, but he has a habit of skipping around and reading bits and parts of books.  I decided to read HP with him so that we could discuss it chapter by chapter.  That really worked and also made me a HP convert.  I can't wait to finish all the books.

Tuesday:  Today was supposed to be the first day of the Homeschool Co-Op I am starting, but all but one person cancelled.  The Mom who was coming needed a ride so I just called the whole thing off for the week.  I was very perturbed by the whole thing; mostly because of all the mental energy and stress I caused myself planning for this.  I am not a born educator so I really had to plan and prepare.  I was very close to cancelling the whole thing because it is not worth my stress but have decided instead to just not worry about preparing anything because if having something "super awesome" was that important to the other moms then it would have been more important to commit to the co-op.

Wednesday:  Yeah the kids and I were so happy to stay home almost all day today.  We needed it after yesterday.  We were able to catch-up on a lot of our work and have relaxation time.  My new chore system arrived this week and I realize I need to get paint so the kids can decorate their boards before we start using.  This means a trip to Michaels, so now I have to fit that into my desire to not shop.  Later we went to girl scouts where I accused Tyler of loosing a book when I actually carried it to the car.  Yeah, I had a bad mom moment.

Thursday:  We ran a few errands this morning.  I think someone finally wants to buy my KONOS curriculum from last year so I had to go get a postage estimate.  After that we were able to quickly finish up our school work for the day.  It suddenly feels like we are doing way less per day, but I can't figure out why.  I need to review what our weeks looked like last month to compare.  I do know Tyler switched from Horizons math back to Math-U-See and we have been doing some review in between.  Maybe he is just complaining less and that is giving us more time???  LOL  We also somehow lost his Reading Comprehension book, but I replaced it with another book I found in my stash.

Friday:  Park Day... Yeah!!!  We were all so ready to spend some time with friends today.  We managed to fit most of our assignments into the morning and then we spent 3 hours at the park.  Tyler is happy now that we have some older boys attending.  For awhile it was just him and 5 little girls.

Saturday:  Today we have dance class at 11 am then we are going to help with a car wash fundraiser for the boy scouts.  It is unfortunate that all the boy scouts events take place on Saturday when Jeff is working.  I would really rather not participate, but I was finally guilted into doing something.  Ok I am hoping not to have to do anything, but I am taking Tyler.

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