Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rome to the Reformation (RTR) Week 5

Wow it seems like each week we get busier and busier.  I am going to try to update a little more on our non MFW curriculum this week.  We had a stressful week with our main studies so I am going to focus on the extras.

Tyler is currently using Math U See Gamma.  We used Horizons for about a year, but switched back to MUS.  After our short summer break I am having him review from the beginning of Gamma.  He actually seems to be doing much better after the break.  I found this same thing happened to him with addition.  He know how to do it, but could not come up with an answer on the spot.  Then about a month ago he started spouting off addition answers like he never had an issue.  This is a lesson in patience for me.

Maggie is still using Horizons.  She has suddenly decided she loves math.  She even asked me to give her addition problems to do today just for fun.  This is so exciting to me because I used to do the exact same thing when I was a little girl.  I guess I used to drive my parents crazy bugging them to give me multi-digit math problems.  Lucky for me we now have a computer to print those from and we also have a packet of extra math sheets just for this occasion.

Tyler is using Spelling Power.  Two years ago we did tried to do a simple workbook style spelling program.  We did make it about half the year but the daily tears and arguments just weren't worth the stress.  Last year we didn't even do a formal spelling program at all. This year we are using the recommended Spelling Power.   I was very hopeful because DS was willingly doing his spelling and not complaining.  However this week the tears were back. I am not sure why.  The spelling program only takes 10 minutes a day, but it does require T study the words for a few minutes and apparently that is too much work!  LOL I am thinking if I switch his spelling to earlier in the day it might help.

Maggie is using the recommended Spelling by Sight & Sound 2nd grade.  I was a little worried about the program because she is not a great reader.  However she is doing really well with it and enjoys it.  Well, actually she is still missing a lot of words, but it is helping her reading.

I started off using the recommended Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons.  After only a week I realized this was a bad decision.  In the past we have used First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise.  We really enjoyed the program, so I don't know why I talked myself into switching programs.  I have already switched Maggie back to FLL which I already own.  I need to decide what to do with Tyler.  I have the teacher's guide for FLL Level 3, but I am waiting for the workbook from my friend.  Still though I am looking for T to do more independent work so I am not sure what the long term solution is.  Does anyone have any suggestions for LA?  Combined, it is taking up so much time that I am really worried about getting it all done once the baby arrives in January.

This is our first year doing a formal writing program.  I knew T has an issue with the physical writing so I have not focused on this in the past.  Last year I had the kids write blog posts, but as you know Tyler's were mostly complaints about his day.  This year we are using Writing Strands.  T enjoys the creativity of the assignments, but still is having problems physically being able to complete the assignment.  I had him do some typing the other day and I have had him dictate some while I write.  I got some advice from the MFW boards and I think we will maybe just try to do this once a week or as we have time.

 We are still using Handwriting Without Tears.  Maggie is about to start the 2nd printing book and Tyler is finishing up the first cursive book.  HWOT is the first curriculum I ever bought and the only thing we have not changed since the beginning of our homeschooling.  It is simple,effective and can be done independently.

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