Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rome to the Reformation (RTR) Week 6 cont

Our week went pretty well.  It still felt like we had A LOT of reading to do, so I am not sure how we would have accomplished it all in one week.  The downside of our 2 slow weeks is that now the kids are back to not wanting to do much.  They forget what a full day is like and I had some complaints this week.

Also this week we started going back to the park for our weekly play date with homeschooling friends.  We have not gone all summer because of the heat.  We currently meet in the mornings so Friday afternoons are difficult for us to complete our schoolwork.  It's not just the kids that have issues with motivation on these days.  Normally our curriculum does do light Fridays, but because of Co-op on Thursdays we had to move our Thursday assignments to Fridays.  I think I am still trying to do too much on some days so I may try to space out all our language arts assignments.  Do the rest of you do spelling, English, reading and writing all on the same day?  We don't always, but usually are doing 2-3 every day.

- Tyler actually did his writing strands on his own this week without me having to walk him through each step
- Maggie was motivated and finished her school work early every day (except for the joint activities)
- the kids both are enjoying the Spanish lessons in Co-Op

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