Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rome to the Reformation (RTR) Week 6

This past week and our upcoming week are full of lots of activities, so I actually have broken Week 6 into a two week period.  This week we still did all of our English, Math, etc with the exception of writing.  I felt we needed a small break so we will start our writing again next week.  The kids were fairly cooperative this week, but many of the days we only were focused on 1 or 2 things before we headed off to an activity.

Monday:  We were supposed to go to a friend's house, but they ended up with the stomach flu so we stayed home and did a full day of curriculum.

Tuesday:  We had a full day planned, with a break at 11 for my chiropractor appointment.  I drove the 30 minutes to my appointment, waited 30 minutes and then the assistant came over to apologize and let me know my visits had exceeded the allowable benefits.  Bummer!  I am glad that they are so nice to me there or I would have been super mad.  It was unfortunate that I wasted part of my day for nothing, but I let it go and headed back home to finish our day.

Wednesday:  Our local homeschooling group had a "Back to School" party today.  We gathered at a clubhouse for some snacks, outdoor play and swimming.  It was pretty hot but the kids had a good time and we ended up meeting a couple new families.  I did make the kids do a few more assignments when we got home, but I knew the rest of our week was packed.

Thursday:  This is our co-op day so we only ever plan on doing handwriting and one other assignment.  For some reasons Thursdays also start off with me grumpy.  I think I need to get up earlier so I have time to sit and relax before I start scurrying around.  I need my down time.

Friday:  Today was another groups "Not Back to School" meet-up at one of the Disney Parks.  We had debated going and I finally decided to commit midweek.  We planned on meeting the group at 10am and then meeting up with one of Maggie's friends at 12:30.  We did leave the house on time at 9:30 but it took me way longer to actually get to the meetup spot than anticipated.  We finally arrived at 11 and talked to a few people.  Then the kids and I went on a couple quick rides before meeting our friends for lunch.  I had not told M her friend was coming, and if you have a 7 year old (or close to it) girl you will know why.  She was very excited and we had a great afternoon together.  I usually can only stand to stay a few hours when I take the kids alone, but we ended up staying until 7pm.  I'm not sure who was more exhausted, me or the kids, but my legs are not thanking me today.  

We did complete about half of our core, so I will finish up next week.  DH will hopefully help me complete the big Roman bridge activity this weekend and I will post pictures next week.


Snoopy said...

Wow, you've been busy! I can't believe you stayed at Disney until 7, especially since it was so hot. Can't wait to see a picture of the bridge!

Snoopy said...

omg I was actually able to leave a comment! Finally!