Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)

1. I just returned from a month long vacation. Well maybe not quite a month, but I just spent an extra long time visiting family in Ohio. It was a long three weeks that started with an unexpected death of a family member. It was a tough month, but I did get to spend some time visiting with old friends and attending my BIL's wedding. We are glad to be home.

I am knee deep in the planning process. We are starting back to our homeschooling on Monday. I am not prepared. I had been very proactive and had a good start before I left on vacation. The problem is that now I have no clue what I did. I can't really remember any details of my overall plan or where I left off. Because I am a visual person I now have to rewrite all my plans on paper so I can figure out what I have left to do.

My daughter barely spoke to me while on vacation. No, we weren't in a fight. She is 6 and a social butterfly. She had so much fun with her cousins she didn't even have time to stop and say "Hello." Plus her Grandma manipulated her time and cuddles. I am glad to have her back to myself.

I caught up with a friend yesterday. It was good to be home and to spend some time with a good friend chatting yesterday. She came with her kids for a scheduled "pool day" for our Co-Op. Ooops, our community pool was unexpectedly closed for maintenance. So instead we chatted while the kids played. It was good to catch up and be able to discuss some upcoming plan for our HSing.

I am getting a new computer. Well first let me admit that technically "the kids" are getting a new computer. At least that is how I sold it to my husband when we made this decision 6 months ago. The desktop they were using had issues and almost every time they used it, the result was a drama filled disaster. Someones game wouldn't work or it was too slow, etc, etc. Finally, Mommy couldn't take it any more and decided "the kids" needed a new one. Hmmm, I foresee the kids getting a lot of use out of my laptop in the future.

This is my first year of actually planning out my homeschool curriculum. This is my 3rd year of HS, but my first year of planning. Ok, in the past I had an overall plan, but I mainly just followed along in whatever workbooks/curriculum we owned. So we would get up and do the next page in our books. I had a plan of the subjects and curriculum, but not an overall written out plan for the year. Frankly I'm not sure it is worth all the work, but we will see.

I am already overwhelmed. School starts on Monday and I have no idea how I will be ready in time. I am overwhelmed by all the things I have planned this year. I am going to try to just focus on a week at a time to keep my sanity. Happy School Year Everyone!


Snoopy said...

That's the evil side of planning: feeling overwhelmed about it all and guilty if you don't do everything planned. Personally, I'd rather have a plan in place that I can ignore if I choose to. And I ignore my own plans a lot, lol!

Snoopy said...

Hmmm, do I detect a hidden agenda in our relationship?!

D said...

LOL I think I inadvertently picked up on a Catholic Friday topic to begin with. What do bloggers call these weekly topic things anyway?

We should start our own "5 Reasons why I'm still in my PJS Tuesday" or something.

PS NO I am not one of your crazy friends. But yes, I might actually mention religion on my blog.. enter at your own risk LOL