Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is Day #8 of homeschooling for the year and yet I am still knee deep in the planning process. Well, really more of the logging process. I do have the majority of the year semi-planned, but I am still busy inputting all of the information into my HS Database program. Frankly I am wondering at what point I should just give up? My friend Nathalie has used this program for years and really likes it. I ended up buying it last year on her suggestion and I really appreciate all the ways you can use it and apply it to your daily needs. The problem is, I'm not sure I actually have the need. The organizer in me loves the fact that all the information is neatly stored and organized in the database. The realist in my is still trying to figure out why it is necessary. So here I am 10 days in and only 1/2 of my information is inputted. I think if I wait much longer I will be too far gone to want to go back and log what we have done. The other part of me really wants to utilize the database but just can't seem to find the uninterupted time to complete my project. I have tried to complete parts of it in the evening but I quickly learned that as soon as I am interrupted my mental focus quickly disappears. Where can I go hide out for the weekend?