Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Are you an obsessive person?  I am.  My brain gets bored easily and I look for something to fill it.  Then I obsess.  Obsess, engulf, etc.  I don't even mean obsess in a bad way, but really that is what I do.  Now I am looking for a new obsession.  It would be awesome if cleaning my house, cooking or, as my husband suggested, container gardening could be my next obsession.  Unfortunately these suggestions are not hitting the mark.  I would say that the obsession actually chooses me and not the other way around.  After all, if I could choose it, then I would choose something healthy or financially rewarding.

Here is how the obsession usually works.  I develop an interest in something, talk about it nonstop, read everything I can about it, search the web insessently for information on it and think of it to the exclusion of all else.  The obsession ends when either it comes to its own conclusion (books, etc) or I feel I have learned all I need to know about it.  Then I move on.  I would actually call it a love of learning new things, but taken to the extreme.

Here are some of my past obsessions:
- Harry Potter
- Take Shape for Life Weight Loss Plan
- Homeschooling (I still homeschool, but the obsessive "learn all about it" phase has ended
- Various computer games
- Tupperware
- Dave Ramsey
- Vacuum Sealing
- Attachment Parenting
- Wedding Planning

Some obessions I am contemplating:
 - photography (I really want to do this one, but each time I start reading about it I zone out)
 - knitting
 - sewing


Snoopy said...

OMG, this is soooooo me! I think you and I have already discussed this. My obsessions tend to be very short lived though, which pushes Greg to think that I never finish anything. Some of mine: chocolatier video game series, becoming a cupcake baker, learning HTML programming, homeschooling (to some extent), various movies and TV shows (I'll have to read everything ever written about them, trivia, etc), couponing (of course), various websites. I agree with you, I wish I could choose my obsessions because I probably would be healthier and my house cleaner :) Another one of mine: when I find an author I like, I have to read everything she/he has ever written.

Unlike you though, I don't think it's because my mind is bored, I think it's because I'm looking for something "fun" to do so I don't have to do what I really should be doing (i.e. cleaning my house or dealing with other things which I find unpleasant).

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I totally get that way. I am that way. I will put so much thought and focus in to certain areas and sometimes it's good, and other times it really gets in the way! I love to plan things and will spend time on that. But a lot of the time I will focus too much on my friendships and relationships and analyzing them and seeing how I can improve or strengthen them. I really try to keep that in check so it doesn't become an unhealthy obsession - but one that helps me be better!

I can get obsessed w/ different foods too. Like right now, I have been making this ramen salad over and over... I keep thinking about it and craving it. This is stuff that is not good, especially when it's about food that is high carb or fat!

That's interesting that you've studied the Take Shape For Life program as that is the one I am on and have lost all my weight on! For me, it's been an answer to prayers to find this program. I've also had (and still do at times) my obsession with Harry Potter!

I love how we can move from obsession to obsession. And now for my next obsession... (fill in the blank). Sometimes it's fun, tho!!

Thanks for sharing.

D said...

N I laughed at your "study HTML programming" I have so done that on different computer things, but my obsession usually only lasts through one attempt to learn before I get confused LOL

I also obsess over authors. I make checklists of all their books and everything

D said...

Margene - I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in my obsessions, esp Harry Potter :)

Yes TSFL... that is how I found your website. I was searching for ideas when I first started the plan and your recipes and even L&G ideas helped me so much. I also forward people your website for yummy ideas.