Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/16/11

Sunday:  A beautiful and relaxing day at home.  J worked in the garden.  I read Harry Potter.  The kids played outside with the neighbor.  Later we watched a family movie.  Great Day

Monday:  I had a little alone time during my first therapeutic massage appointment.  It was helpful, but different than a spa experience.  I was not expecting to undress!  I finished helping Tyler pack for his trip tomorrow.  Then we all went to dinner at our favorite restaurant.  I splurged in anticipation of restarting my weight loss plan tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Today we dropped Tyler and his Grandma off at the airport for their trip to Ohio.  My Mom had to fly home to take care of her taxes so she had planned to take Maggie with her.  Soon after that Maggie started having anxiety issues and we realized it was not going to work out for her.  So Tyler got to go instead (he also went a year ago for his birthday).  Anyway Tyler is very excited to see his Grandpa, the farm, the dog and his cousins.  After we dropped them off, M and I went to the outlet malls.  I was looking for a specific pair of shorts at Lane Bryant, but the did not have any.  I felt like it was a wasted trip, especially since I could not get anyone at LB to help me.  This was a unique experience for me as usually I have several people asking if I need help.  I am wondering if they reverse discriminate against smaller sizes?  Seriously, it was weird.  I do still fit in their smaller clothes, and I would have bought something.  Oh well.

Wednesday:  M and I spent most of the day catching up on school work and house work.  We headed out early afternoon to do some errands:  Wal Mart, eye doctor, etc.  Then we had a girl scout meeting.  We hadn't been in several weeks due to cancellations, rescheduling and vacation.  Maggie did not want to go and started crying in the car.  I always stay in the room with her so I didn't understand her issue with girl scouts.  We did go and she sat with me most of the meeting.  The girls just painted today so she was able to do that sitting at the table with me.  

Thursday:  We had been planning to go somewhere with friends today, but neither of us could come up with anything to do.  It seems like all the activities around our area cost too much money and, with the price of gas, the beach was just too far.  So we decided to just pick up some Happy Meals and spend the afternoon at their house swimming and playing.  M had a great time.  She didn't want to leave.  I explained to her that she can play whenever she wants, but she has to be willing to go to their house by herself.  She wants nothing to do with that idea.  Unfortunately we can't do these constant play dates with only little girls when we have Tyler along with us.  That is no fun for anyone.  But we had a great day today and Maggie was able to relax and play without any anxiety.

Friday:  M and I had another busy day planned with friends.  We got started early and headed off to our weekly play date at the park.  It was a beautiful day.  M did pretty good and actually played after she had some time to adjust.  This is an improvement over last week when she never did leave my side.  We had all planned to have lunch at the park also and ended up staying until about 2pm.  We were grateful for the warm, but not hot day.  We ran a few errands on the way home:  library, Aldi, Wal Mart.  Then, since we give another Mom and daughter a ride to the park, we stopped at their house for a quick swim on the way home.  I guess M had a good day because as we are leaving (after being away from home for 7 hours) she asks "What can we do next?"  I was thinking "nap" but she was not in agreement.  We headed home, unloaded the car, had a quick dinner, bath and bed.

Saturday:  I have been dreading Saturday and the return of the disastrous dance class.  The last time we went to dance Maggie got very upset and would not participate at all.  Today I tried to help her by taking her early and telling her to just have fun today and not worry about the future, etc.  She was doing ok in the lobby but when another class started talking about the recital she started crying and clinging to me.  I did make her sit in dance class but she would not participate.  I am at my wits end.  I am trying to be supportive but, to be honest, my motivation for her to attend this recital is very low.  I had a lot of reservations about signing up for dance class because of the recital and now all those issues I have are resurfacing.  I really have a great aversion to putting my kid in a lot of make-up and dropping her off alone at the performance center where I feel like my kid is being held hostage until they decide to return her.  I do understand the other side of this issue, from the studio's viewpoint.  However the whole experience is just so contradictory to my views as a mother and a person.  I am trying not to let my aversion show, but it is not helping my motivation to have her perform.


Snoopy said...

I had typed a whole comment and Google ate it. I'm tired of the Blogger problems with leaving comments, it's an ordeal to be able to leave comments on your blog and I think you have the same problems with mine. Maybe it's the templates but good grief, I'm about to give up. Now you'll never know what I wanted to comment about (it wasn't this!). I'll probably lose this comment too.

Snoopy said...

Of course this one posted! Arrrgggh. OK, I was saying that when Aimee was little, she wanted to do dance but the local studio wouldn't let you stay in the room, you either had to leave the child there or wait in a separate room without any windows. I felt uncomfortable with this because she was 4 or 5. What is the big deal? You can be there when it's a team sport or karate. Dance people are snooty. And then it costs way too much and the whole recital/costumes/make-up thing is ridiculous, IMO. Plus the dances they teach young girls are inappropriate. I cringe everytime I see a dance troop in a parade, way too sexualized. Now let's see if this gets posted...