Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

This was my first week "back" on my plan and I struggled.  The initial 3 days off sugar wasn't as bad as the first time, but I am more hungry than in the past.  I also have been waking up very tired in the morning.  I can't think of any reason for this other than lack of calories.  I took a walk last night and was exhausted.

I did have a decent loss though: 2.5 pounds.  I was hoping for more, only because the first week usually means a big loss.  However we did take Maggie out for a "fancy" dinner and I did have dessert and a meal covered in gravy.  Not my best night, but overall it was a decent week.  I really need to regain some momentum and motivation.  I now weigh less than I have my whole marriage and most of my college days.  I am still just enjoying that feeling.  I think the thought of actually weighing what is considered my "ideal" weight is so far removed from my thought process that I can't even imagine it.  

My new goal is to start making relying less on meat and adding some vegetarian options to our meals.  I just don't get that many dishes use a meat substitute.  My warped mind thinks "what's the point?"  I think a vegetarian meal should just be all alternatives and no substitutions.  But I am open to some new ideas, especially for the kids because at this point I really can't have most of what is even in the vegetarian cookbook.

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Snoopy said...

2.5 lbs, that's awesome! Had you put on weight while you took a break? I think I weigh my highest right now, I don't even want to get on the scale. I have ZERO motivation to go on a diet though, I just want to whine the weight away, lol.