Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/02/11

Sunday:  After a week of visitors I really needed some alone time.  We had planned to go visit a Strawberry farm for some treats (shortcake and strawberry shake) and also to visit Dino World.  My DH was nice enough to let me stay home while he took the kids, his sister, and nephew.  They had a good time and I had some much needed recuperation.

Monday:  My Mom is staying for a few days this week so Jeff and I went together to my chiropractor appointment and then enjoyed a date afternoon with lunch and a stroll through the antique store.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon and we enjoyed the alone time together.

Tuesday:  After a week of spring break the kids were not thrilled to be back to the daily school grind.  We have lost our motivation and we need to find a way to reinvigorate our studies.  I am hoping the upcoming homeschool convention will give me a much needed attitude refresher.

Wednesday:  One of Maggie's good friends was had invited us to her birthday party today.  Tyler was lucky enough to get to stay home with Nanny and not have to spend the day with little girls.  Maggie, who is currently experiencing some anxiety/separation issues decided at the last minute she did not want to attend.  I knew she was just feeling anxiety so we headed off to the party anyway.  When we arrived the only guests were the 5 little girls Maggie goes to the park with every week.  Still, she would not play and stayed glued to my side.  Finally after over an hour she managed to venture out of my sight and have some fun.  She even got to hold the brand new baby sister of the birthday girl.

Thursday:  It is always a good day when the kids start off the morning cooperating with each and playing together nicely.  I had to interrupt their game to go to my chiropractor appointment.  After the appointment, I took the kids to lunch and then we spent way too much time trying to find a new ice cream store I had read about.  We never found the location so we just went to Dunkin' Donuts and got ice cream there.  We finally made it home and finished up some school work for the day.

Friday:  Our weekly park day has moved to mornings now that Florida is starting to heat up.  We were all glad of the change today because by the time 12:00 pm hit everyone was pretty warm.  It was a weird day at the park.  Tyler was actually having a great time and didn't want to leave.  This is a total contradiction of our normal Friday.  Maggie spent most of the time sitting beside me and generally not leaving my side.  I hope the poor girl gets over this anxiety soon.

Saturday:  The kids voluntarily started playing outside this morning so that was a plus.  We have some friends coming to visit this afternoon so it should be a good day.

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