Friday, August 5, 2011

“Not” Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Since we already started school for the year, I guess I can post our curriculum choices.  I am a curriculum hopper so this year we are starting yet another new program.  I am hoping this will fit our needs and we will continue on for the future.

Maggie and Tyler are both using My Father's World (MFW) Rome to the Reformation (RTR) this year.  MFW recommends if you are new to the program, starting with "Exploring Cultures and Countries" (ECC)  However we decided to go against their advice.  First, we were studying Ancient History last year and wanted to continue on where we left off.  T was excited about studying the middle ages and I was in agreement.  Second, all of MFW incorporates science and the science included with ECC was a study of animals and ecosystems.  We did that 2 years ago and I could not stand the thought of going thru another Zoology unit study this soon.  I am a little concerned that RTR will be too advanced for M, but we will have her do what she is able and reevaluate at the end of the year.

So, here is our curriculum for the year.

  • Teacher's Manual, Second Edition
  • Student Sheets (purchase one per student)
  • How the Bible Came to Us
  • The Roman Empire
  • Augustus Caesar's World
  • Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
  • The Story of the World, Volume 2
  • Medieval World
  • Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History
  • The Human Body for Every Kid
  • The Body Book
  • First Encyclopedia of the Human Body
  • The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy
  • Introduction to Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven - 7 CD set
  • The Story of Beethoven in Words and Music
  • The Best of Beethoven: The Beethoven You Love
  • The Story of Haydn in Words and Music
  • The Best of Haydn
  • The Story of Mozart in Words and Music
  • The Best of Mozart (2 CDs)
  • Read-Alouds for Rome to the Reformation
  • The Bronze Bow
  • Dangerous Journey
  • The Door in the Wall
  • Twice Freed
  • Starting Chess
  • Make a Castle
In addition Maggie will be using

and for Math, we will be finishing up

And Tyler will be using

and for Math, we will be continuing with

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Robin said...

Hope you enjoy using MFW. This is our 4th year using it and we really enjoy it.