Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday October 12, 2010

Outside my window... hopefully the kids will be out there soon because they are being way to LOUD for me

I am thinking... about Ancient History

I am thankful for... for the clothes I just ordered from Old Navy that FIT and they aren't even plus size!!!!

From the learning rooms... slow, slow day. It is almost 4pm and we still haven't finished our school work. The kids are wrestling on the floor and avoiding their math.

From the kitchen... probably a Garden Burger for me and the lasagna roll-ups I should be making for the kids

I am wearing... one of my new sun dresses from Old Navy

I am creating... my food order for next month

I am going... to the park tomorrow and to Michaels. Maybe I will actually get some supplies to do one of these SOTW projects!

I am reading... Beloved by Toni Morrison, but not sure I will make it past the beginning.

I am hoping... to get these darn library books reserved so I can take it off my "To Do" list.

I am hearing... silence! Yeah the kids went outside. This is actually a big deal in our house because my kids always think it is too hot so now that the FL heat is lessening, maybe they will do this more often.

Around the house... I need to get laundry started and finish opening the windows

One of my favorite things... my new hair clip. My hair has not been this long for years and it is driving me nuts. Plus it keeps falling out. I am saving up to have my hair cut on our cruise so I have to deal with it temporarily. I have never worn a hair clip so often and I am loving it. I feel like a real professional housewife now. ROFL

A few plans for the rest of the week... Lego day at the library tomorrow and hopefully a few errands

Here is picture I am sharing...
This is Jeff and I after having lost a combined 100 lbs.

100 lbs lighter


D said...

Uhh, sorry about the size of the image. I will have to fix it later. I need to go finish up with the kids.

D said...

Ok made it a clickable thumbnail so hopefully that is better.

Snoopy said...

Donita, this is AMAZING! I knew how much you lost and I think you look so wonderful but seeing the 2 pictures next to one another is SHOCKING! It's like one of those Biggest Loser pictures! I'm so proud of you!! and Jeff looks like he lost half his weight and he hasn't even been on the program that long, right? Amazing.

Too bad I'm not seeing you tomorrow, I have 40% and 50% off coupons for Michael's that you could have used... lol.

D said...

Thanks Nathalie! You are right Jeff has only been on since August.