Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We had a short week this week since we spent Monday driving home from Myrtle Beach. I spent most of Tuesday just trying to get the kids motivated to do anything. It is always hard to readjust after a trip. T complained that he never gets a break from schoolwork, even though he just had a 5 day break. That kid would really love to be an unschooler, and he does read all the time. However he would end up being a 30 year old who couldn't add two numbers together. I know "real" unschoolers would argue that he would learn math when he needed it, but I don't function that way.

I am still trying to figure out a good formula for my weekly wrap-ups. I could go day by day, but when I tried that my week seems boring. I could try subject by subject, but again who wants to hear that we did pages 40-45 in our math workbook? I just need to remember the intention of this blog is to remind myself of the highlights and accomplishments of our school year. So here is our weekly recap:

T: T is back in a "mood" about not wanting to do his schoolwork. We really started off the year great so I am not sure what is happening. Math is always an issue, but he really is doing well with his studies. He just hates math and I am not sure what to do about it. He continues to love history and impressed me this week with some knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Gods. We also finally completed our Egyptian Pyramid and the kids really had fun with that. I am always grateful of his love of reading, specifically science and history. He does a lot of independent learning this way. I have really seen some glimpses of maturity this week in the way T speaks and thinks. That is always a fun thing. He will be turning 9 in January and is really becoming his own person.

M: Ahh M, my darling 6 year old girl. Or should I say, my Whining 6 year old girl, since that is all she did this week? It has been a week full of whining and tattling. I really need to spend some time with her working on these issues, but honestly I was too irritable to be very kind about it this week. I think this is where M needs the most work. Academically she is progressing. She is probably below grade level in a couple areas, but she has improved so much since the beginning of the year that I am confident she will catch-up quickly. This is great news because 2 months ago I was wondering if she had some kind of learning issue. We are finally seeing some real progress. The difference in her reading is amazing. She still tires easily and I need to break up most of her reading lessons into 2 parts, but she is actually READING!!

Mommy: I thought I might add a little of my own update each week also. I am always on the verge of a million goals, activities, or ideas. This week I have been in a "need to get organized" mood. I will admit that I am always on the search for a new way to organize myself and organize/encourage myself to clean. This is why I have about 4 different paper planners, plus 2 electronic ones. I am always searching for something to work for me. Actually my favorite system ever was my Palm T/X. This actually worked GREAT for me. But alas I ended up loosing it right before we moved to Florida. Two years later we found it in the hidden recesses of our couch. But, by that time, smartphones were all the rage and I just couldn't seem to make it work for me anymore. Now I have a Palm Pre which I like, but it does not run on the same software as my old Palm and, frankly, the old way was vastly superior. So I am back to the eternal search to become organized.

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