Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I must say I was fairly disappointed yesterday to step on the scale only to learn I had lost ZERO, NILL, NOTHING!!!! This has happened before, but I really stepped up my game last week. I really want to loose 10 lbs by mid November to reach an important goal. Last week I really concentrated on my water consumption and I started to exercise. I walked EVERY day. So, yes I was very disappointed with the results. Oh, I won't give up or backslide, but I can be pissed for a couple days, right?

I did have a small non-scale victory this week. Maybe it is more of an observation, but either way it is a success. I took my husband's car to get an oil change and decided to walk over to the adjoining strip mall rather than wait. That group of stors didn't have a place to get a drink so I walked across the parking lot to the McDonalds. Then I walked over to the next set of strip mall stores to check out Blockbuster. I did all this without giving the distance a second thought and, in my most unsupportive shoes. When I finally left Blockbuster and headed back toward the car shop I noticed the distance I had traveled. I realized that a year ago I would have been very reluctant to have walked that short path. I would have gauged the distance and, although it is not a huge distance, it would have overwhelmed me. It is hard to explain to a person of normal health and weight, but those extra pounds made each step an extra burden. And that became another double-edged sword. The extra physical difficulty of movement made the mental burden of exercising that much harder to overcome. But this week, even with my continual knee pain and extra pounds, I realized what a physical difference the 60+ lbs have made thus far. Now if I can just get over the boredom complex of the treadmill and find my IPOD I might actually make a habit of this exercise.

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Snoopy said...

Awesome :) I know you have a goal that's under time constraints but such a huge part of weightloss is cerebral and attitude changes that you have to be able to celebrate this non-weightloss milestone! You're healthier and now you're even more motivated! Can you spare a drop of motivation or 2? I don't know where mine went, I can't find it.